Ayer's Cliff

Incorporated in 1909, the municipality of Ayer's Cliff still maintains its Anglo-Saxon lustre from the late 18th century. John Langmaid of New Hampshire took ownership of the territory, which he baptized under his own name as Langmaid's Flat. He ran a small hotel, welcoming visitors traveling up from the United States. In 1799, a man named Thomas Ayer bought property to lay a rail line. When this was accomplished, the town took on the name Ayer's Flat. But this term suggesting a swampy lowland didn't bode well for the area's investment potential.

And so, in 1904, "Cliff" became the town's suffix, a better reflection of the area's scenic attributes. Every summer, the citizens of Ayer's Cliff hold a colossal fair at their county fairgrounds, one of the oldest such events in the region. An old music bandstand in the center of the village, one of the oldest in the country, has become the symbol of the municipality. Ayer's Cliff is also a great access point to Lake Massawippi, Abenaki for "lake of deep waters."

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Live in the country with the advantages of the city, without the inconveniences

Our village offers to our citizens of all ages, young families like senior citizens, services that few municipalities of the same size or even bigger can dispense: public services, elementary and secondary schools, enterprises, businesses and personal services in Ayer's Cliff, in a friendly environment close to nature.

Public services

An aqueduct, sewer system, waste water treatment plant and a fire department serve our territory. Two elementary schools, French and English, and a private college which accommodates more than five hundred (500) girls and boys. A library with more than 12,000 books and several computers connected to the internet is available to 1000 members five days a week. A park for baseball, soccer and skating is also available.

Businesses and industries

We can find a complete bank service, a post office, a grocery store offering regional specialties, a butcher shop, a bakery and pastry shop,a gas station with a car wash, art and antique boutiques, a woodcraft artisan, a leather artisan, personal services such as hair stylists and beauticians, accounting service, a veterinarian, a residence for senior citizens. A marina and contractors in renovation & electricity as well as open-plan offices, also have their place in the business world of our municipality. Also, six industries, offering specialized jobs for almost 5 hundred people in the area, contribute in maintaining jobs in our community. In all, more then 40 businesses and industries lodge in Ayer's Cliff.

Social activities

Many associations such as L'Âge d'or, Cercle des fermières, Sports Association, offer many educational, sports and cultural activities for both youth and seniors.

Tourism vocation

In its privileged situation on the shores of the splendid Lake Massawippi, the tourist reputation speaks for itself. Many services are offered to the tourists and visitors who contribute in doubling the population of our municipality during the summer months.

From bed and breakfasts to an internationally renowned country inn, one of the most beautiful campgrounds in the province, our visitors have many choices for accommodations as well as restaurants and outdoor activities.

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The agricultural fair held each summer, at the end of August, welcomes more than 30,000 visitors

The Farmers' Market, open from June until Thanksgiving, offers local products and is an absolute must on Saturday mornings.

A tourist information center, rest area, boat launch at the beach, marina, boat and pontoon rentals, a municipal wharf where it is possible to fish or just admire the lake, are available to visitors.

Tomifobia Nature Trail
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This trail is on an former railroad bed, next to the Tomifobia river and covers 22 kilometers, from Ayer's Cliff to the U.S. border.

The natural environment is a real delight for the eyes. Deer, turtles, beavers, birds of all kinds abound. Cyclists, walkers, cross-country skiers and snowshoe lovers, enjoy it every season.