Lake Massawippi

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Photo credit : Michèle Gérin

Considered as one of the ten most beautiful lakes in Quebec and easily accessible from urban centers, Lake Massawippi, in Abenaki means "the big deep lake", has a surface area of 18.7 km2 and a perimeter of 38 km. Its length is 14.2 km and maximum width is 1.9 km, and the lake attains a depth of 86 m. It is a paradise for sport fishing: salmon, bass, yellow perch and pike. Each year, many fishing tournaments welcome hundreds of fishermen from far and wide.

During the Fall season, in October and November, the lake is a rest area for thousands of Canada geese and white geese. Big herons and ducks may also be observed. The woods which surround the lake abound with deer, moose, wild turkeys, and beavers. With a little bit of luck you may also see giant turtles. It is not a coincidence that the lake was a privileged hunting and fishing territory for the people of the First Nations for many centuries . (see map of Massawippi Valley)

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