The Tourism Information Center of Ayer's Cliff

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  "Le Chemin des Cantons"

Municipalité Ayer's Cliff Municipality Municipalité Tourisme Icône Chemin des CantonsAyer's Cliff is part of this 415 km scenic and tourist route in the Townships. Blue panels with pictograms indicate which roads to follow.For more information visit "Le Chemin des Cantons"

  What to do, what to see, in and around Ayer's Cliff
  • The beautiful ancestral houses on Clough, Main and Tyler streets
  • Lake Massawippi at the rest area and fishing from the public peer
  • The two 19th Century churches located on Main street
  • Canoe, pontoon or rowboat rides on the lake, as well as swimming (Massawippi beach)
  • The old mill (beside the grocery store)
  • Swan pond (next to the Town Hall)
  • Tomifobia nature path for walking, biking and cross country skiing, 21 km to the American border (leaving from the library parking lot)
  • Eastern Townships scenic route beginning on Brown’s Hill
  • Rozynski Arts Centre, 2133 Ways Mill road
  • Rugged water falls at Burroughs Falls (junction of routes 141 and 143 behind the service station)
  • Les Sommets (the Sommet) take Main street going West, after the camping, turn right on ch. d’Ayer’s Cliff, right on ch. de la Montagne approx. 4 km. Magnificent view of Lake Massawippi, and surrounding mountains of the Eastern Townships and United States
  • Beautiful sunsets from Kingscroft (route 141 towards Coaticook turn left 1.5 km from the junction of 141 and 143)
  • The pictoresque villages of Massawippi and Hatley (rte 208 towards Compton)
  • Strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and apple picking (rte 208 towards Compton, rte 143 between Massawippi and Burroughs Falls and rte 143 towards Stanstead
  • Magnificent view of Lake Massawippi from routes 208 towards Hatley and 143 towards North Hatley
  • Jardins de roses (rose gardens) on chemin Benoit towards Magog (take ch. Benoit from the entrance ramp to Autoroute 55 North, towards Sherbrooke)
  • Dufferin Heights Golf Club (one of the most beautiful and spectacular 18 hole golf courses in Quebec) rte 143 towards Stanstead
  • Farmers' market Saturday mornings (at the Ayer’s Cliff fairgrounds)
  • Ayer`s Cliff annual county fair (last week-end in August)
  • Historic round barns on ch. Holmes in Ways Mills and ch. Barnston (rte 141 towards Coaticook)
  • Pinacle mountain walking path with a breathtaking view of Lake Lyster, as well as a visit to the Baldwin fish hatchery